Seeing Raleigh was extraordinary! I’ve never seen a miniature horse before. His coat and mane and tail were so soft and feeling his gentle lips on my hand taking a treat from me just made my day! A friend of mine took a beautiful picture of Raleigh, and I have it hanging on my wall above my stuffed pony collection. I love Horses and meeting Raleigh inspired me to be the best person I could be. I can’t wait to meet Summer! – Becca


Thank you for taking the time to add an extra visit to your schedule.  Our patients and staff will talk about it for a long time.  The hospital is abuzz with people saying “Did you see the painted pony?”  and some saying “What?  Was an actual horse visiting patients? That is wonderful!”  This is one of those times you ask yourself, “Who benefited more, the patient, the parents watching their ill child smile, staff members getting to play like a kid or the behavioral health patient hugging the horse?” – Penny


I am indebted to you for being so thoughtful in bringing Raleigh to our function. He is a delightful equine pet, and everyone present was anxious to see and pet him.  Obviously, not everyone had seen a live pony before, so seeing him was a novel experience. Thank you again for allowing us to experience your wonderful pet Raleigh! It was heart-warming. – Hunt


I’ve never been so excited to see any animal visitor as I was to see the ponies that the ladies brought around to see us.  I took me back to the happy days of my youth when I had ponies of my own.  He was such a treat to see and scratch.  I was thrilled at the thought about them for a weekend I hope and pray that we earn and have a repeat performance.  It would make my day. – Mike


Jason is a 12-year-old with autism and has a strong passion for horses. When the opportunity arose to join Moriah and Mini Angel Eyes for an inclusive event, he was so excited to participate.

Jason was super focused on all the wonderful activities offered because they are so motivating and fun for him. He especially enjoyed the barrel races and riding the horses.

This event was especially important for him because a couple of years ago, he was riding at another facility and he fell off his horse when it suddenly started to gallop. He had been afraid to go back on a horse for a long while.

Since he has worked with Joey before, he already had a sense of confidence in her and with that, he was able to get right back on a horse and ride and be able to enjoy his passion.

I am incredibly thankful for Mini Angel Eyes and Moriah for providing an opportunity for Jason to be out in the community with his peers and having new and fun experiences.

Per Jason, he felt “happy, excited and proud and was happy to see Joey again”. – Lori


Thank you Joey & Raleigh for another wonderful day!  The residents just love their Raleigh! -Linda, Springdale Village

It was fantastic! I can’t wait to do it again!!! Raleigh is a star!  Thank you Joey! –Wendy Pauker, CCLS  Sr. Manager, Child Life


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